Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wants.. and Needs..

Okay, so, everyone has asked me about wants and needs.. To be honest.. I am in need of nothing here. I really do have the essentials.. and could survive.. I am quite lucky to be where I am at, its much more comfortable here, than where some of my battle buddies went... so, for that, I am greatful.
Now, as to what I want... :)
These are some ideas of things I see others get.. and think.. hmm.. that would be nice..

Magazines like People.. stuff like that.. don't really get local ongoins here.. We get the worldwide news.. on the Afghanistan news channel.. but thats about it..

DVD sets of TV series.. they help pass the time.. (Law & Order, Greys Anatomy, Bones, Medium, Heroes, any kind of mystery - solving crimes TV series.. season sets.. etc)

Junk food.. not just for me.. we keep a cabinet in the office to share... I will tell you what I don't like.. the rest is all good - I don't like coconut, raisins, and that's about it.. lol

I could use my own stash of french vanilla creamer for all the coffee I drink here now... (I don't much care for the hazelnut creamer they put out most of the time)

I could always use fufu stuff to make our room smell good.. not the sprays.. but the scent holders.. or things like that.. NO CANDLES tho..

I can always use hair clips/barretts (BLACK or BROWN only)

I don't know what else.. but that's a good start..
Again - I am not in dire need of anything.. but, as far as wants.. those things would be a good start. :)

Thanks again to everyone who reads, subscribes and to those of you that comment. I may not comment back, but I appreciate all the support from everyone!

Off to a training session for my guys... write more later..


  1. Cool, lol, i love care packages!! Send me your addy! I will make this my personal mission hehe, love you sis!

  2. I have already started care package # 2!!! I made a list of ideas that I had after we talked last night and I went to ________ today and found you ________ OMG it's the greatest. You will really get a kick out of it! I love you!

  3. Tiff - My address is posted on my profile.. :) I will post again..
    Tammy - You are the best! I love you!