Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010

Today was a good day. I got plenty of sleep last night, actually, I
left here at 9pm last night and was asleep by 915.. I was tired! Today
was much better. I am getting adjusted to days, again and starting my
I can finally create my routine, that is.
I will get up and do cardio at 0515, and then at 1600 is P90X time.. :)
I am able to get things done during the day - since everything is open
(in other words, I am not chained to my desk). Yesterday was bad
because we had a couple different teams come in for some face to face
time.. on top of our normal meeting, and blah blah
Today - I actually got a lot done. But, as in any work - there is never
enough time in the day.. lol
I am living proof.. :) and so the saying goes... the work will be there
tomorrow! :)
Anyhow, today - I left at 1600 to go work out. Got about 2 1/2 miles on
the elliptical, then jumped in on the AB RIPPER X, then 2 1/2 miles on
the bike.. and then 1 lap around the compound outside. The air is
definitely different here (I guess a little over 6000 ft in elevation)
so it's a different run.. but it felt really good!!! I jumped on the
scale today - saw that I have not gained any weight since I left - which
is good..
Finished with my workout, showered, went back to work in time to see 3
packages on my desk! Woo hooo!!
My wireless booster, my PT shorts I ordered and the box from my mom with
all my bedding!
In the box was a video created by Katrina - with the kids and my parents
for Mothers Day!! OMGosh! It was a wonderful video! Wonderful!
I cried..as did the girls in my office! :)
So - all in all - it was a great day!
I have my linens, which I will wait until next week (my room mates leave and I will be changing bunks..) to put my bed together with my new sheets/mattress pad and comforter!
In my box was also a teddy bear.. which is now sitting next to me as I lay in my bed typing this.. YES - my internet booster works and I have internet in my room now! another bonus!
Seriously.. between a productive day at work, a good hard workout and my packages.. who could've asked for a better day? Not me.
It was great!

It took me a couple of days to get adjusted.. that is why I haven't written.. but.. I am back!
BTW, I was supposed to walk one of my new guys across the street today for some more check in procedures, but something came up and we had to cancel.. GOD works in mysterious ways... this afternoon, a fellow military member from the UN was shot - right out in front of our gates. He was in a small truck.. but an Afhgani pulled out a gun.. and shot it up.. killing him.. so, there are no more walking chits allowed to go across the way..which is a good thing... won't have to worry about me walking outside the wires!!

Again, people here start to get complacent.. thinking we are a "Green" zone.. but, it can happen to anyone.. even with many many armed servicemen (both Afghani and our own) around.

On a different note.. I also started wearing a pedometer today... 13,430 steps today...
Apparently, over 10,000 a day is healthy. :) Guess I am healthy!

Love to all.. I'm going to bed! 5:15am rolls around early! :)

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