Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS. He is the first priority. J

I worked the 2000 until about 1030 today. I do enjoy the company on the night shift, I have a pretty great group of individuals. But it still makes for long days!! I left early enough today that I was able to mail some stuff out, and pick up my clean laundry.

That is something I forgot to talk about.. there are no washers and dryers here.. (machines that is). Instead we drop our laundry off to laundry services and so long as you drop it off before 1300, you have it back the next day after noon. AND its folded. We drop our laundry in dity bags… they wash them in those, then take everything out and fold them… it is kinda creepy to think about who might be folding my underwear.. but… its all we got.. there is no other option.. so, we take it.

So – I did pick up laundry today. I miss the computer guys yesterday errgh.. will catch them again soon.. need to get the internet fixed so it works in my room . J I did buy a signal booster.. hopefully it helps.

Since the kids have been in Ms, I have talked to them less.. they are staying busy and don’t get great reception out there so I talk to them average of atleast once every other day. I still call my mom everyday.. they are in OR – getting stuff ready to be moved down.

As far as me.. I am hangin in there. We were really busy last night.. a couple of group casualties, in different areas, different circumstances. I try not to read too much of the circumstances as I process, instead I just copy and past the whole thing, so that I really don’t have to read too many details. It gets sad. This week we have lost 2 hospital corpsman and several marines on top of the army soldiers.

I talked to Don yesterday ( I think it was yesterday- can’t keep my days straight working nights) – I guess he will be doing some traveling, so I told him I better NOT see his name come thru my office.. holding my breathe waiting to hear from him!!

I had a talk with Trung last night.. told him I wasn’t intentionally going over his head, but that we definitely needed to get him out of the Casualty mode.. so- after some discussion with the boss (Colonel) – she agreed and I start this coming week (after getting my new guy trained up). I will carry the cell with me.. in case they need me on nights, but otherwise, I will finally be able to get on some kind of schedule and start back on the P90X. I just need the workouts. Its not that I am feeling fat- I just need the tension release… definitely.

My appetite hasn’t been normal since I have been here. It doesn’t help that I sleep through lunch and dinner and usually end up with coffee for breakfast (and all thru the night..) so I am definitely not eating right, on the flip side.. that means I’m not over eating either..lol BUT – being back on days.. I can eat right and enough to maintain and get my work outs in. I am excited. I want to come back a new me. Well.. okay.. improved me.. hows that.. J

I want to feel better about myself and my body and I was seeing a huge difference with P90X.. so I will jump back on that bandwagon and hopefully be in the best shape ever when I get back.. who knows.. maybe even have that 6pack I’ve always wanted .. will definitely keep you posted on FB.

Think I will get some sleep now.. and get up early enough to post this before going back on shift. Friday is my day off!! Wooohooo.. J what to do with all that time?? I will probably get bored after the exercising and endless movies!! LOL

Love to all and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS. 12 years ago, you were an 8 lbs 13 ounces bouncing baby boy – today you are growing in to a fine young man. I love you baby.

I am up.. I woke up at about 5pm tonight. Showered, ate and am now here.. again.. on the computer at the USO. I suppose when I am done, I will just start some work early.. ehh.. we'll see. We had Philly Cheese Steak for dinner tonight, btw.. it was okay. I am hoping work isn't quite as busy tonight as it was last night.. very sad stuff..

Will write tomorrow after shift...

5 more days til I am back on days.... can't wait!!

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  1. Good Morning Sis-n-law. I am sorry I keep the kids so busy! The boys have Vacation Bible School from 6-8:30 if you want to call my phone tonight I will make sure you get to talk to them. They miss you dearly! Yay 5 more days and your on days! Will pray that Don makes it safely to his next destination. I love you! Stay Safe! Oh by the way Kat is @ Ashleys today so she has a good signal and Mike is home if you want to call the boys! Love you!