Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, 20 Jun 2010

Bazaar day! SO, I got in the office last night about 730pm. The TSGT I relieve was glad to see me.. I was about 2 hours early! :) I was there this morning until about 11am. After shift, I was supposed to go to the newcomers brief from 12-5 but.. figured I would go next time (and take the day off, before hand) where I will not have been up all night. So instead, I went to the Bazaar and bought some stuff for my family and friends. I have to force myself to manage what I buy when. There is enough here to be able to buy stuff for everyone.. for their birthdays, etc.. while I am here. SO, my first gifts I bought today were for my Sister N Law - who's birthday is in July.. and whom is taking care of my kids for the summer!! :) I love her!!
I also bought Katrina, my parents and the boys something. AND I have a couple things that I will be sending to a couple of my sisters. More to come for everyone else.. I think I need to make a list of who all to buy for so I can get something for everyone from Afghanistan! :)

Okay - so here I am at the USO.. I just IMd Katrina on her AOL IM..
I got a reply..I"I don't think you know who this is.."
I said.. "Katrina?? Who is this??" REPLY: "No, Please don't write anymore"
Hmmmm.. someone using Katrina's account?? Not Cool!
Just found out.. she must have it set to send to a cell.. but its not her CELL.. so every time I IM her on it.. it costs THEM on text.. lol oops..

Anyhow, as I was saying, slept all day.. first time in a while. The last couple days I've been running off about 4-5 hours of sleep at night. Still trying to get in the groove so I can start my workout. Figured I would give myself a few days to get on a schedule.. and get some sleep.. then start my P90X. I did actually buy the CDs today (I've always had them on my puter) - so that me and a few of my friends can do it together in the Gym. :) I am actually quite excited to start again. AND - the CD set.. $13.00.. LMAO.. in the states its probably about $120.

Anyhow, Not much else goin on for the day. Feeling a little secluded from some of my friends here since I started working this shift. Believe that I will ultimately try and get back on days. I have never met an OIC that works the night shift. That leaves me out of the loop of all the things that go on during the day - when everyone else (all other cells) are up and operational. The COL/LCOL have questions during the day that my TSGT answer.. i come in and have no clue.. it just isnt' right. We have a new guy, so now I have 3 for mornings, 3 for nights and then myself. There is no reason I can't work days and seriously.. if they need me for something, it takes 5 minutes to walk to my room and get me.. NOT a big deal. Instead right now, Trung just says well they can come to me during the day.. NO.. I am the OIC... It is my responsibility. ULTIMATELY I feel as if He is the OIC and I work for him. If I were an O4.. would this be different? This is an O4 billet.. I just want to do my job... I want to be the OIC and not feel as if I am just an in between.. and he is functioning as the OIC... I know.. its only been a week.. within the next couple tho, I will be trying to move back to days, so I can actually be at work when everyone else is (the higher ups with questions, the other cells with issues) - because I am doing no one any good by being on nights. Okay enough venting..

I should go. I am gonna get to work and go call the family. I miss everyone. I am okay, I just miss everyone. Being on this schedule I am missing all my friends here too.. If I want to see them, I basically have to cut out some of my sleep to meet them for dinner.. Well - we are going to get on a schedule where I can meet them everyday at about 330/4 to do P90X together. SO I will get my 6 hours of sleep or so, get up, work out, shower, eat, and then chill out for a while before work.. Ideally, that would be a decent routine. We'll see.

Okay all, gonna go. I love you all and thank you all for all your support.
More tomorrow


  1. I want to go to the Bazaar with you! Sounds like fun! Have you gotten to eat any interesting food? I would love to try all their crazy wild dishes! Have you pulled out any crochet stuff? I'm working on a purse right now, second of it's kind. I posted pics on facebook of the first one that I made for Susie's birthday gift, it turned out so cute. Love you Sis! Keep your head up!

  2. I love you sis, try and take it easy, a routine will all fall together eventually. always thinking of you!

  3. I love you! The kids will be glad to get a package from you! I hope your schedule works out better for you! I am glad we can talk! I LOVE YOU!!! I will keep posting pics on Facebook of the kids as quick as I take them!

    STAY SAFE WE LOVE YOU! and THANK YOU for serving our country so well! Your AWESOME!