Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, 26 Jun 2010

I had an awesome day! I left work at about 930 this morning and met up with Donovan!!
He showed up around 945ish here at NKC - so I spent the next couple hours showing him around the base (which took less than 10 minutes) and the rest of the time walking around looking for the gentlemen he had to meet up with today!

It was great to have a taste of home and surreal to know we were both sitting here, next to each other in Kabul Afghanistan! In twenty years (since sophomore year in high school), he has always come and visited me, or come to be at the important events in my life.. (College Grad/ Commissioning.. even being a groomsman in my wedding) - he has always traveled to see me.. Well, Don, you did it once again! :) In Afghanistan! I needed the "pick-me-up" so to speak... a little taste of normalcy! Too bad you live about 30 minutes from me right now! Woulda been awesome had we ended up at the same compound!!

So - that's how I spent my afternoon... then got some rest and now here I am.. ready to do it all over again!!

Thanks for a great visit Donovan!! I love ya!

More tomorrow!


  1. That's so cool that you have a friend like that! Glad you had a good day! Hugs*

  2. Tanya you are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend, i remember you talking about him when you were just a kid, im so glad you have him, especially now. I love you so much sis, stay safe, and im workin on that package, even the kids are excited to help lol...<3 you!