Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010 - Venting

Today is Monday.. and it feels like a Monday. I am tired. I am worn out. And I need a regular schedule.
I talked to the Deputy this morning about my schedule.
Here's what happened:
I had changed my shift to 2100-0900. SO those are my official hours. NOW, I usually show up about 730 or 8 for work.. so last night, no different. I got there about 8 - and come 9 this morning was still knee deep in work. So, I just push thru. Well, then there was a 10am meeting.. which, I should be in BED for.. but, Trung didn't show (says he doesn't need to go anymore) so it was a good thing I stuck around for it. Anyhow, as we were giving our updates for our divisions to the Major, he asked why I was still here,... told him I would talk to him offline.
SO after the meeting he took me to his office... I told him I had not yet talked to Trung yet about this, but, here goes....
So I explained to him why I, as the OIC, need to be on days. I gave him a list of 7 or 8 reasons (written down) of why it makes a difference. Then I proposed me working 0600-2100. (WORKING a 15-16 hour day is much easier during the day.. than doing that schedule at night).
Some of the things are:
I will have eyes on and interaction with all 6 of my operators with that schedule
I will be there during the day.. when the Deputy or Colonel may have questions
I am working the RFI folders (Case files for deceased SM that are not closed yet)
and all those POCs work during the day (BTW, I closed about 8 last week when I
was on days)
I need to have the BIG picture and cant do that if I am only working at night

okay - you get the point.. Anyhow, he concurred.
My office has ran with 4-5 people alone for the last month.
We have a new guys which gives us 3 per shift with 1 person off each night.. We have a total of 7 people (including me) and we all have a designated day off).
Its not bad.
So anyhow, the new guy started last night.. and we trained him.. he was inputting data last night. It took me 1 day to figure it out and I think he will do pretty good too..

Also, the Deputy stated that getting me on days will kinda push Trung out of the Casualty picture where he can then concentrate on what his assigned job is right now.
So all looked well. He told me I could start tomorrow.

THEN at lunch i see Trung and I go to back fill him (Mind you, he is not my boss.. the Deputy is..) but I wanted to back fill him because at some point he did fill in and I just wanted him to be aware..
that's when he said.. that might have to hold off.

He doesn't think the new guy will be ready by Saturday..?????
it takes about 2 days of processing to start your rhythm.. (its all fill in the databases).
Anyhow, so the Deputy tells me I can start next week on days.

NOW... I am happy about the change I am making
BUT I am pisst that Trung is continuously trying to keep me on nights? It was not the COL idea (according to the Deputy)
SO WTF? He says well, if they have questions during the day they can come to me..
NO.. its my job. Once I learn it full on.. you should be back in your office working your job.. not handling mine as well.

So - altho I am happy.. I am also pisst. I was planning on starting days tomorrow.. instead I had to rush to bed at noon.. got up at 7 and showered and am ready for work. Fortunately, I did eat lunch, but slept thru dinner..

Nights aren't bad.. we keep THE UNIT in the DVD playing.. as we work.. to help pass the time.. BUT - its not conducive for me as the OIC.

Anyhow, so - I am not starting my night in a good mood! I seriously and so tired.. I just want to cry... I know that sounds crazy.. but.. its true. I dont mind long days. again, I proposed the 06-21 knowing full well I will probably be there later than that.. but.. throughout the day I will also get time to do the running around and workout (Post Office/Laundry/Workouts) so that when I do get off at night, I can go to bed and sleep a regular full night.
As it stands now, if I want to do those misc things.. its during what would be my sleep time.. especially beings I don't leave at my official time.. I am usually at work a couple-few hours beyond my scheduled time.

So - altho I am venting - dont get me wrong. I am not afraid of long hours.
I just dont feel I am getting the opportunity to be the OIC - working 14-15 hours at NIGHT.

Okay - enough from me. I have to get to work!
Its going to be a long night!


  1. Sorry to hear about your schedule. I completely agree about night matter what you can never really sleep normally and feel 100%. I hope you get to days SOON!!! Love you.

  2. Sorry to hear your so tired and down :( Try to keep your spirits up sis, hopefully the week will fly by, I love you Tanya