Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

So today was the last day of training. The convoy exercise was a blast.. literally.. LOL we happened upon 2 IEDs.. 1 we avoided.. the other hit the last HMMV (#5) because they didn't do their searches properly.. . We (HMMV #1) did ours properly.. (the CAPT and I did them..) and thats how we discovered the one in front of us.. :) no blast on us!! Then we encountered some injured IRAQIs and we had to secure the perimeter.. but 2 of our guys (yes, Michelle was one of them.. and our medic the other) got to close to them.. and the set off a PIED.. and they were injured (simulated).. so the CAPT and I had to drag the HM2 to our HMMV.. while the gunners covered us.. it was FUN!! Definitely a great learning experience!! Then we were off to the Land Navigation.. Our team found all 5 checkpoints in 23 minutes.. making it the fastest time of all the teams!! AND we had all of them correctly!! After that fun, we headed back to the classroom to clean our weapons.. we had to clean clean the weapons we are turning in tomorrow (not taking with us) the others will stay with us at all times.. yes folks.. even on the plane.. in the main cabin.. crazy huh? But, it is a military flight.. so I guess its more acceptable!
Tomorrow is admin stuff.. turning in weapons, doing surveys.. and then liberty! woohoo..
Thats it for tonight folks.. short and sweet.. will write more before heading to Kuwait. I hope those of you that are reading this are not bored out of your minds! I only see 3 followers.. so maybe none of you are reading this.. Either way- I hope this bridges the gaps between myself and family.. and helps you all to see and hear.. what I will be seeing and hearing (that I can talk about) especially once in Afghanistan!
More tomorrow..


  1. I am reading your posts. I wish you the best on you adventures to the sand box. Had great times with you in Pensacola and may God be with you on you journey to serve our country. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Me too! I love you, you are always in my thoughts. :)

  3. I read your posts momma!!! i like reading about all the stuff you do! :) i love you and miss you muches and muches! i will talk to y9ou in a mim (ur on the ohone with gramma.. lol :D) haha loves you mommy.

  4. I have read your posts. It makes me think as to how brave you really are as a woman to go through this training in the military. I have nothing but total respect for you. Thank you for fighting for our country. Make it back to the states alive and well for your family and friends who care about you. Keep those posts coming, because I have really enjoyed reading them as well. Smile lots!