Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Hump day!! woohoo.. So, I was dreading today - prequal day for the M16/4, even though I am not a mando qual for it (since I won't be taking the M4), I was dreading the heat and the gear and the miserable hot conditions we were told to expect. Today was actually not that bad. Not that we didnt get hot, but, it was not near as bad becuase we were kept busy and out of our full battle rattle, until absolutely necessary. So - we got to the range about 7am and finished up there about 2. We went back to the classrooms and cleaned our weapons in preps for tomorrow - the actual qual day.
With the M16/4 its a slew of pop up targets, only up for 3-8 seconds ( depending on distance ) and you have to hit 23 out of 40 to qual. Most of us started with 8s or better - I got a 12 then 13 on my first two rounds then the second time we were up I got a 22 and 11. The 11 was becuase I lost my sighting. I started to get tired and frustrated - and just lost it. But the 22, that was good. I had good sights and was trackin well, even tho the numbers don't seem like it :)
Overall, I was happy with today - especially since it was our first time in this kind of scenario.
So tomorrow is qual day, following that we start on crew served weapons and do some trainingon 50 cals, etc. (those I am familiar with... got to shoot those on the ship! :))
Looks like then we will do some more convoy training, some land navigation training and then from there I have no idea. I am just happy to know that I have less than a week left of this training. woohoo. I think that the last actual training day is Tuesday becuase we have some people flying out Wed and then most the rest of us on Thurs, heading to Kuwait.
We were done early enough today that Michelle and I were able to go out with a few of the other guys to the uniform shop (get her some boots..) and then we went to eat dinner.. a real dinner... nothing from this galley or whatever the army calls it.. that food is getting old!
We were back by about 730 and here I am. I volunteered for Head Cleaner tonight (4 ladies clean the berthing a night) and I also have a watch tonight from 2-3... yuck! Not looking forward to that!!! Anyhow, that is it for now.. I am tired.. bruise and have a sore body! My right shoulder is starting to get bruised from my M4.. trying to find the sweet spot to tuck it in is extremely difficult in our battle gear!! man o man... hate that crap. I wish I could say my body is getting used to it.. and it is okay if I am not just standing in it.. waiting.. then it weighs heavy on my shoulders, but sitting, or actually shooting then getting the gear off is not so bad. Today went much better than I expected and I am actually looking forward to tomorrow.. not only to get qual day done, but its one day closer to Sunday. :)
Okay.. very tired. Going to get some sleep before my watch! More to follow!

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