Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, 28 May 2010

So, tomorrow is the day. Last night, I spent at the Country Inn - with a few other girls. We had a girls day out then a mini slumber party in the room.. where we ordered lots of food and had a great time. Today, we ran some last minute errands and ended up back at the base about 630 or so. I came back and finished up my packing and now and writing this.
I have been compartmentalizing my trip to Afghanistan, and as it now becomes a reality, and we make our wait to Kuwait - its starting to hit me.. I am glad I have stayed busy, it has definitely helped.
I know I will be fine, but seeing the ''reality" of the war will be a different experience for me. I've always had the luxury of watching it from afar.. now, I will be up close and personal with it and to be honest it scares the hell out of me. Not that I am fearing for my life, per se, but fearing what I will see and how it will change me. The unknown. The impact of what I am about to journey in to, will become much more of a reality that I could have ever imagined (or so I am told). I am, however, anxious to get started. I have had an uneasy, unsettled feeling for quite a while, and am looking forward to getting settled.. to work.. to get a routine, etc.
Alright, not alot for tonight to write. I am not sure how long I will be offline, but I am assuming the night we check in to Kuwait, I will have some time or opportunity to post and let everyone know I have made it safe and sound. Til then...

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  1. Stay strong and be safe! I love you and I'm proud to call you family. You are so brave and strong! Much love and hugs from all of us <3