Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, 15 May 2010

So, today has me screwed up.. keep thinking its Friday (not used to working on the weekends anymore! ha!) We started our day at about 4am, altho the girl next to me started hers at about 255am.. so.. thats what time I was woke.. open berthing definitely sucks when it comes to sleep.. ergh. But, we got on the busses, full gear to head to the range at 6am. We had 80 people to shoot the 9MM and 96 to shoot the M4/M16s. It was a long hot day of shooting and wearing full gear.. while feeling the sweat roll down your back.. or in your eyes.. But, in all, today was not near as bad as yesterday. I qualed on my 9MM and Zeroed/Grouped on my M4 with great results!
We were released at about 1600 for liberty and do not have to do anything else until tomorrow night at 2200 when everyone has to be back from liberty.
Unfortunately for me.. I have the 1am -4am watch tonight, BUT I do get to sleep in tomoro!! :) woohoo.
I called and talked to the kids tonight and my parents for a while.. it was good.. but i was so tired when I got back, instead of going out, I took a nap! :) My body is not used to this heat and physically carrying around another 42 pounds all day!! It is definitely wearing me out.
So - Katrina has been at Cheer practices all week in preps for try outs.. She tried out Friday and found out this morning she made the cut for Junior Varsity Cheer and Elite Competition Team! Congrats to my baby.. she has been trying out fora few years now - and it just goes to show that persevearance will prevail! :) CONGRATS BABY. I love you! Next weekend is her pageant - so she has alot goin on, but this is all good, becuase it will keep her busy (as well as my parents) while I am away.
Pics and videosare posted of todays events on FB. Enjoy! Im going to relax a while before my watch. More tomorrow!

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