Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010

So today was Death by Power Point! Eeerrghh...
Sometimes I think that is more tiring than being in the field...We learned a lot of good info - IED detection, Convoy basics, Clearing Room tactics, etc. It was all interesting and good info. We even watched a few sad videos taken from the Al Sahad web sites - IEDs they planted.. it was quite sad. After the briefs we had our travel brief tonight at 1630. It was change to 1730 - and then lasted until 1900.. So truly, today we started at 0600 and finally got done at 1900..
After that Michelle and I took a road trip to find some food... we went 18 miles to a BBQ place - that ended up being closed.. so then drove another 15 minutes to another BBQ joint - which was OUTSTANDING.. by the way.. mmm hmm..I came back, had to help with berthing cleaners tonight and am now laying here in my rack - thinking about getting to sleep early tonight..
woohoo!! :)
As far as travel - we leave Saturday evening, the 29th and will be in Kuwait by 1130am local time the 30th.. JUST in time to ensure May becomes TAX FREE!! :) woohoo!
Once we get to Kuwait, we will be staying in 70 man berthing tents on cots.. there is a 4 day indoc to theater and then most will be heading out to their posts.. for me, according to my boss I will stay an additional 5 days to train with the Kuwait CAC.. will know more about that later - hopefully..
Anyhow, I will keep you all posted as I know more. We will have internet - so I will keep in touch via FB as often as I get to (at a minimum every night... BUT I do NOT think I will be allowed to take pics of the training/indoc there, so you will just have to visualize my writings. :)
Alright, time to try and get some good sleep with the Eye Mask my dad sent to me... yea.. no more bright lights at 4am.. when I don't have to get up til 530.. or 6.. I am excited!!
More to follow!!

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