Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Man, this week has flown by!!
Tomorrow is Friday.. but still 2 more working days.. errgh!
Today was Range Qual day for M4s and M16s. You needed a 23 to qual today - I only got a 22, but I am already qualed on an M16, so its all good.. I've already got the ribbon. I was more disappointed than I thought I would be, but, Its okay. I was a little erked becuase I was short about 10 rounds in my last shoot - so I only had 30 rounds vice 40 - I know I could have made the 23 within that other 10 rounds; but, I wasn't soo erked, that I wanted to do it again.. lol
Its tiring, its hot, you get sweaty and definitely fatigued. I did do better shooting in the kneeling position today - but either way - its still uncomfortable to shoot with the IBA on (full armor).
SO - atleast the pressures off, tho and all qual procedures are complete. I qualed on the 9m the other day and that is what I needed.
We finished about 1300 today bussed back to training camp and spent the last hour of class cleaning our weapons. I have learned how to "shotgun" my weapon in seconds and clean it fairly quickly. I have grown very comfortable with both weapons. Which is good - becuase I have always had some fear with the weapons (What if I forget how to put the safety on, how will I remember ((Red is Dead)) got it now!!, will I remember how to put the magazine in, or load the magazine, or cock it back, double or single shoot...) All these were always nagging minor fears and I have conquered those fears and am fairly proficient with them. Some of these may be silly questions or fears for others - but they always loomed over my head before becuase we only shot about once every 6-12 months. We have been shooting daily, so now I am very familiar and comfortable handling them both.
Anyhow, we got out of class by about 1530 today - I went to the minimart and then headed back to the barracks for a nap. I had the 0200-0300 watch last night and was very sore, tired and simply exhausted - I NEEDED a nap! So I took a nap til about 7, and then showered and called the family! They all received my letters today.. I was very happy for that. Yesterday, I received a letter from Travis.. it was sooo cute! He even signed it, "Love, Travis. Your son" It was awesome! :)
Tonight, I purchased the kids' tickets to MS for the summer.. I am sure they will all be glad to go on vacation! This will allow my parents to go to Oregan and finish moving their stuff down to San Diego! ALSO - good news, my dad got a job. The first Monday they were in town he started scouting job sites, went and talked to a few people and got a call back last week. He went to the "indoc" as we like to call it in military, and starts on Monday! :) I know that is a big stress reliever for him, and am very happy for them!
So - tomorrow is crew served weapons shoot. Today we trained a little on them (thus the pics and videos of me with them..) and we shoot them tomorrow as well as "stress fire" where we will be in a convoy and attack/IED situation and learn how to fire under stress. I was told its a pretty fun day - so we will see!
As of this day next week, I should be in Kuwait. Can't believe its only a week away.. but I am anxious to get done here and get started. I have been given constant support and motivating comments by alot of my friends and family and I appreciate it!!
I have posted some pics on FB of my FT Jackson experience so far. I post daily - keep in mind, it is me.. raw.. no make up, no blow dryer, no hair straightener.. lol Just Me!
I have found out the BX has a beauty/nail salon - so this weekend my plan is to get one last mani/pedi and waxing. :) Just to feel like a girl again, before heading out to the dessert.. unless anyone knows of any beauty salons in Afghanistan, this may be my visit to one for a year! lol
I have a lot going thru my mind today. My friend Chris is now out of the Navy (officially 1 June) and heading out for a road trip across the US and thru Alaska. I am excited for him, and envious at the same time! My kids are doing well and Travis is coming along. It is so nice to see. I am sure he will not like every decision my parents make for him, but he is learning to go with the flow and its making this so much more peaceful for everyone. Some things I let go - becuase I didn't want the battle - there's 2 of them, so there is no its good for him and he needs it, and its nice to see him getting along with my parents and to hear how close he and my mom are getting. They need her now - whether they want to admit it or not. She is the closest thing to "mom" they will have for a year.. I hope they relish it, and treasure that time, and understand she is going thru her own pain, knowing her only daughter is in the war zone. All in all, they are adjusting fine. My friends have all been great! They don't realize it, but even the simple FB posts, tell me they are thinking of me, or supporting me and it makes me feel very blessed to have them!
I talked to Dan the other night - him and Emi will be getting married soon and their baby boy should arrive in August. I know he is excited. Its bitter sweet - but I am happy for him and quite honestly, this entire trip and trip yet to come has given me a new perspective about my life. Some things just weren't meant to be.. some were. Maybe we were just meant to be friends.. becuase it seems like that is working well for us. I am happy for him and realize now that I am just too busy to clutter my life with any more grief, or complications than necessary. I am healthy, have a happy, healthy family and am about to embark on a life changing journey. Maybe while I am there I will discover a little more about myself, and become closer to GOD as I take this journey.
I think about where my life has taken me in the last 20 years - even the last 17 (since I enlisted in the Navy) and can't believe how far I've come and how close I am to retiring after 20 years at a very young 38... :) I am proud, and feel a great honor to be where I am today. I have worked my butt off, my entire career to be the best that I can.. to do the best that I can.. and thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.
Alright, I think I have rambled enough. Time to get some sleep for the long day ahead. More to follow.

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