Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 14 May 2012

So.. I find myself on the countdown here... Can't help it - but I am tired already and the really hard work has just begun. As many of you can see by my facbook posts, today was a busy, long, hot day. We spent the day in full gear (an additional 40 pounds strapped to my body) in the heat - doing numerous things in prep for our gun shoots/quals and convoy training. We started off the day at 0600 muster with full gear and loaded a bus to take us to the other side of the base. From there we started out at what is called Shadow Boxing.. this is where we try to "zero" our weapon. We try to ensure out target line is center of where it needs to be. For me, my target line was good on the shadow boxing.. although a little low to the right. This just means that my shots are good, by my line of sight needs to be adjusted on the weapon (M4) to ensure I actually hit the target. From there we went to the simulator and simulated shooting another weapon connected to the equipment - I bombed miserably in there and could not ZERO my weapon. Hopefully, tomorrow on the range, with my own weapon, that will not be the case. From the simulator we moved on the convoy training where each of us got to take turns driving, being the passenger or in the gunnery seat. It was pretty cool to drive! After that we were bussed to a different area and got in what is known as the HEAT trainer. This is where they put you in a HUM-V and tip you upside down and teach you how to egress. I uploaded a couple cool videos on that - so if you are interested, you can see what we did. We completed that and were bussed back to our classroom and released at about 1815. It was a long, hot day carrying all that armor and weapons. I am TIRED! With all CAPS!! lol
I will have to say I have a newfound respect for all members of convoys - that is a difficult job and scary as well. We are slowly becoming integrated to Army ways.. including their "oooah" vice OOORAH - there term "Too easy" (thats their way of saying "get it??" We are swimming in our own sweat and finding ourselves saying Ooooah - just becuase its easier to agree with the Drill Sargeant.. lol
I am a bit irritated tho, we are not getting the same answers from anyone about some little things.. IE - which way we are supposed to lace our boots, where the dog tag goes in the boot, how to roll the pants on CAT 5 Hot days...etc etc.. there are alot of little things, but too many to remember now. All in all- the Army training here is not near as strict as you would expect. Its hard, don't get me wrong, but they are not yelling in our faces or dictating every move. The details of how we get from point A to point B (whether its wakeups, work, or things we are supposed to do - so long as we get to point B, they don't care really how we do it. So long as we can do it. Which - I guess is not too bad. The average age of our entire class of about 200 people is 35. and atleast half if not more, are officers - but of course you still get some that NUKE things out - but.. whatever.. there is always one, right?
I am exhausted tonight. We have range tomorrow and afterwards.. finally, liberty! Saturday evening and all day Sunday is our days off.. we are ALL looking forward to some down time... becuase as of now - our down time doesnt usually start til about 1900 and by then we all just want to shower and go to bed! I called my mom and talked to her and the kids, showered and now getting ready to settle in for the night. Tomorrow is going to be a long day!! More to follow.

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