Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Today was a full, busy day for us. The good thing was, it was good use of time and training. We spent the first half of the day learning Battlefield First Aid, how to help a shipmate and not get yourself hurt in the process, etc. It was good training. We actually had hands on training with our medical kits on applying tournequets, bandages and basic first aid - to include assisted breathing thru a tube we put in a patients nostril. We also learned how to puncture a patients chest, placing a cathetar - to relieve pressure and air for a collapsed lung. We actually got to perform this on their dummies (no... not the real life dummies... the plastic ones...) :)
Then we learned how to don our CBR gear and mask all within an 8 minute deadline. This, all outside in the heat and humidity today. It was a good, but hot day. We were released at about 515 (1715) and instead of going to chow, we went to the PX and bought some necessities and ate at Burger King there. Tomorrow, we have convoy training, where they will flip us (in all our gear - yes.. the 40 plus pounds of kevlar, steel plates, etc) and teach us how to escape expeditiously, and maintain a battle stance defensively if needed. We also go to the range to get our weapons zeroed (basically aligned properly for us). Tomorrow will be another long hot day, but we were told that Saturday will probably be the longest of all... as a matter of fact, I think the words they used were: "The longest Saturday of your life" at the range qualifying on our weapons.. woo hoo.. I am excited for the training, but dread the heat! :(
Tired tonight. Posted a couple pics on FB. Will write more tomorrow!!

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