Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

So, the time is approaching...today was the last of our preps for our final exercises tomorrow. Tomorrow, we head out on a convoy.. thru the wood, with blanks in our magazines and Iraq Infidels to defeat. Yes, its a mock scenario, don't worry - but we will be finding IEDs, we will be shot at, and we will have to clear buildings, houses, and complete a specific mission. This will give us all a taste of what it is like to go out on a mission, in a convoy, and how to be alert and on the lookout. We had IED training today, Convoy training, Clearing training, ECP training and Land Nav training. Tomorrow, after the convoy exercise, we will then be dropped in the woods with only our maps, compass and coordinates and have to find 4-5 different checkpoints. Also another good training on how to use the minimal tools and make our way to "homebase" if necessary, should we find ourselves alone. IT was great training today, took some pics and videos, and hope you all get to see. YES - I kicked in a door and swept a make shift room.. :) It was fun and tomorrow - it promises to be funner. After the Land Navigation exercise tomorrow - our training will be officially over. Following that we will spend the afternoon cleaning our weapons in preps to turn in the ones we aren't taking in country with us. Then, we have misc administrative stuff, and the same Thursday morning. We will be released Thurs afternoon for liberty until Saturday morning. We will come back, load our seabags and gear and get on the plane Saturday evening. I have to say, I will NOT miss wearing the IBA every single day for 6-8 hrs a day.. I will not miss sharing a room with 27 girls.. I will miss some of the people, especially my battle buddy (Michelle) - but we still continue on together until Kuwait and then she heads to Iraq - while I head to Afghanistan. But, she will always be my battle buddy!! :)
As for tonight, I have showered and am now winding down after watching my first bit of TV in a couple weeks (American Idol). I am going to call it a night. I will write more tomorrow.. :)

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  1. I will share my experience the first time I stepped in a combat zone. I stepped off the plane, looked around, and said "So this is a combat zone". You have trained, studied, and prepared for years and years for this. All the training and real world experience you have will kick in if and when you need it. Your friends and family will see you back on U.S. soil on mid tour leave and again at the end of this journey. You watch your "six" as well as that of those with you, as they watch yours. God Speed LT