Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday May 18, 2010

So today was full of range .. we showed up the range and fortunately it was overcast which cooled it off.. kinda chilly and made it more pleasant to shoot it. Our first course was the M16/M4 shoot - kneeling, prone with and without support.. it was a mess! Becuase it rain last night, the sand was very sticky and we were rolling around, lying in it - in our full Battle Rattle as they call it. I had sand in places it didn't belong by end of day! We shot at targets 50, 175 and 300 meters. I did okay in the prone position.. I shot really good at the 300 meters - but sucked at the others in the kneeling position.. errgh.. fortunately, I will not be taking this weapon with me, so I am not too worried about it. Following that - those of us that are 9MM required qualifiers had to move to a different range to shoot in a stress/running situation. We started at about 50M shot at the three targets, then ran over to a different position and shot prone (lying down) then up and running to a makeshift window, shot out the window, then behind a barrier and then finally up close and personal at about 3-5 yards. It was a great course and I qualified. You were given 18 shots total and I made 14 on target total. It takes 12 to pass. It wasn't my best, but it was good enough so I am not too disappointed.
Tomorrow we have M16/4 Pre Qual, so that oughta be interested. We were told to expect it to be hot and muggy - no overcast and that the range had no cover - we would be in the sun in full battle rattle all day.. o-joy.. that makes me look forward to getting up at 5 am.. uh huh..
Anyhow, got back today at about 4 but had to stay in the class and clean our weapons.. there was so much sand in them too it was rediculous. It was about 615 before I left the class and called my mom before headin in to shower. I got in and realized.. DAMN Ishoulda brought 2 towels with me!! erggh.. I forgot I put my towel in the laundry bag today and desperately needed to shower to get the damn sand out of my bra... it was soo gross.. so I did..but had to dry off with a hand towel.. lol Atleast I had that tho..
SO on top of all that.. I have no gloves to shoot with.. seems the Navy doesn't keep extra smalls lying around and neither do the other stores I went to this weekend.. I guess I should bought a kids pair at walmart.. but its 95 degrees out here.. don't think they are stocked up on gloves just yet.. so my hands and under my finger nails got all griddy today from the sand.. which isn't too terribly bad.. but just an icky feeling when I still have other things to do and no way to wash them til we get back to the barracks.. because out there.. its Porta potties.. lol no sinks
Anyhow, I have the drill sargeants trying to track me down some becuase altho I shot without them so far.. they are saying that I can't qual on the M4 on the field without them.. yea.. crazy.. my socks they issued - extra extra small.. but.. they fit great! (I always bought little kids socks anyways.. they fit me better...lol ) I also have the smallest size boots.. LOL - size 4 - I know.. people make fun of me all the time.. but.. owell.. I can still kick their ass!! :)
You know what they say.. dynamite comes in small packages.. ooorah!
In other news today.. there was a suicide attack on a convoy in Kobul. Yeah.. Just something to process as I know I will be in a convoy on my ride down from Baghram to Kobul once I am in theater... to be honest it is my only fear being over there.. The dreaded convoy.. but.. I dont want to think about it just yet. I still have about a week before I head to Kuwait..
Its 1034 PM here and I have to be up at 5.. so I am signing off for the night. More to follow...

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