Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday, 02 July 2010

TGIF?? I dunno.. hmm.. Today is my day off.. and what did I do? Woke up at normal time.. skipped the elliptical this morning... saving it for this afternoon after P90X workout..showered and went to work..
Theres really nothing much to do here. My roommates dont have to go to work til noon on Fridays so they are sleeping all morning.. so I went to work.. waited for brunch.. ate something and am back here in my rack.. settling for a nap til 2.. then I will go do my P90X, and run.. and then after that.. I have no clue!

I got Dan's package yesterday.. thank you. Now I have the phone that I plug in to the internet.. once I get my ethernet splitter.. lol (I ordered it last night on Amazon..).

It is actually kinda boring here on a day wouldnt be so bad, but you can't walk around in PT gear here.. even on your day off.. unless you are PTing. (altho I see MANY MANY doing it.. we are not supposed to.. and its too hot to hang out outside.. in uniform at the benches all day - so here I am.

SO some of my random thoughts:
Since when are pony tails allowed in uniform.. regardless of service?
Why is there always that 1 person that just drives you crazy in your office..
and why is it always that 1 person is the senior person who is supposed to know what the hell is goin on.. and never really does.

Last night there was another shooting at our gate.. no injuries.. but definitely not pleasant to know. Hopefully it will be a quite weekend, but doesn't look like it. We have been having major internet issues here. so it causes major headaches for us.. since everything we do- and submit revolves around internet and email..

Gave my mom a scare.. didn't mean to.. but her and I chat every day.. twice a day.. once in the morning her time via email (before she goes to work) and then I call in the evening. Yesterday becuase email sucked..I never got her emails.. and she didnt get mine..
she started to worry when i wasnt responding to her... fortunately facebook was up for 5 minutes and I was able to see she had posted "Has anyone talked to tanya today" - come to find out it was my dad that posted it.. for her.. since she had to leave for work.. but.. immediately tried to respond and of course we lost connectivity.. then i try to call.. phones messed up.. frantic.. i was finally able to call and let them know i was okay.. it was just our email/internet.. lol
she figured that.. but.. for a mom with a child in a war zone.. knowing there have been incidents almost everyday here at our base.. she let her mind run away with her.. Fortunately I was able to let them know I was okay.. and give them an emergency number to call me on.. should they ever get panicked or worried.. :)

Not much else excitement.. my roomies leave monday.. so i will spend mon night and tues rearranging the room and taking a new bed (single) instead of this top bunk! should be fun times.. woohoo..

Alright - that about catches me up for now..
gonna take a nap and enjoy the down time.. for now.. :)
More later


  1. I hope you enjoyed your day off even though you can't do much!! Hugs and lots of love. Oh got some new ink today!! I'll have to send pics