Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, 11 Jul 2010

SO, I am having problems sleeping now....I can't seem to get my brain to shut off...
and quite honestly, I have avoided writing the last couple days because I am a little peev'd and feel like I should justify what I write or moreover apologize for what I complain about..

I know other people have it much worse than I do.. BUT when I am in an environment that proclaims to offer the essential necessities for living, I expect that. If I knew I was going to the desert.. a foxhole.. I would expect that.. but.. I am living on a facility with bathrooms.. running water. I expect to have some kind of sanitary standards..

like.. not having a toilet that leaks from the bottom of the bowl.. walking on someone's urine as i go into the not showering in a shower that has mold growing up and down it..Its sad when you feel like you need a shower after your shower.. so you go to the tent that actually works well.. across the FOB.. just to shower again and feel like you have no mold on you.. or urine.. or.. you don't smell like a urinal.. errggh..

Okay.. enough.. Im done with that.. you all get the point. Its gross... and thats it. its just gross!

Now, I do appreciate the support I get from everyone, but I dont' want to have to put a disclaimer before every blog that I might bitch, or complain or vent in. Please. This is my blog, my thoughts, my feelings. I can't call a girlfriend on the phone and vent. I cant have a glass of wine over dinner to unwind. I can't go to a friends house and cry on a shoulder.. so I BLOG. Its mine. I don't want to offend anyone and I appreciate the fact that people read and support and follow me.. but please dont get offended when I write. I know some of my readers have been here.. done that... and had it much worse.. and I know.. it could be oooooh soo worse.. I could be in KUWAIT.. that could be much worse!! LOL
so take what I write.. with a grain of salt and understand this is my views.. with my comparisons to life at home.. in my house.. in California.

To another subject... talk about a small world.. not only is Donovan here.. *which by the way he came by today.. had some business to take care of here.. so came by to see me.. BUT Katrina's dad is also here in town.. at the Embassy.. talk about a small world!! I met him when I met Donovan.. :) Strange how we have ended up in the same place across the world!! :)
My ex high school boyfriend and my ex-husband.. LMAO.. boy.. when they say they follow you to the ends of the world.. I guess they weren't joking.. LMAO Just Kidding.. LOL
Its nice to know some people here.. Katrina wasn't too happy that both Mom and Dad were here in Kabul... in a war zone... but.. he's not here for very long.. so she will be okay :)

As for me.. I am okay.. the last couple days have been busy, sad...
I can't get my brain to shut off at night.. I get off work.. come home.. watch TV a little... and then try to sleep.. but.. I lay here.. toss and turn...

Hopefully... I can get tired enough that my brain will finally shut off.. I am tired..going to try and sleep now...

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