Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, 2 Jul 2010

Much better day today.. but, that's probably because I worked all day.. this time, I mean ALL day.. I didn't even break for PT.. 0600 until about 1230 this morning..
Stayed busy - which is never good for others and their families..

But, I also am in the middle of creating a new tracker for USFOR-A Cas Cell to use. Right now, they use like 5 different trackers in Excel.. its crazy. I spent all day until about 2000 working on a new database to use - so the info only has to be input ONCE vice 5 different places.. Then I had to import all the data and reformat some.. its still a work in progress - but should be ready to roll by Monday I hope..
It will help to expedite the processing on our end.. with less input. We do so much redundant inputs - its ridiculous!

I've already created a database to track my files.. (I maintain and track all the deceased files - from beginning until the case is closed.. and that too, was being tracked in excel- I made a more user friendly tracker in Access and am loving it. It took about 2 days to populate with all my files and info - but now, it makes my life easier for tracking and completing the files.

I should've been a programmer or something.. lol

I used to create programs in DOS too (yea.. I know.. just showed my age) when I was enlisted.. Created a database that also produced forms for inputting information for reservists.. when I worked at RNCF in Gulfport. The funny thing was, SURFOR used it long after I was gone.. and about 4 years after the fact I had a CDR find me.. from SURFOR.. asking about the programming and how to manipulate it.. kinda cool.. :)

Anyhow, so today my day was spent mostly creating this database to make my guys' life in the office a little easier. Its a pain now.. but will be well worth it later! :)

It was good busy work.. on top of the processing work later tonight. A few more multi-casualties came in.. busy day today for the soldiers out there -- outside the wires.
I thank GOD For them.. they are keeping me safe here.. and their lives are definitely on the line outside the wires.. buts its their job and they do it.. for us.. for their country.. for themselves. GOD be with them all each and every time they go out on a mission!

So - here's something simple.. actually talked to the 2 star yesterday.. :) General McHale..the General who will sign my FITREP.. I think he's the first 2 star I've ever talked to... lol I worked for an Admiral when I was a second class.. but.. that was it..
Here.. I see more birds and stars.. wowza.. But, I bet compared to the Pentagon... this is nothing. I will say.. being here makes me feel like a SEAMAN all over again.. A LT here is On a FFG - A LT is a Dept Head.. we looked up to them as our all knowing.. (okay.. not all.. just a few select) but here.. we are a dime a dozen.. lol Nothing spectacular.. blah blah blah.. So - yes.. I think I was a little star struck talking to a 2 star... (get it?? lol .. star struck? LMAO) okay.. now I know I'm tired..

Okay, I am done for the night! Its been a long day and I am tired!! Have lots of things to catch up on tomorrow since I did concentrate so much on the database today...
Hmmm.. tomorrow is a late day.. maybe I will take advantage of it, since I worked so late today? We'll see...

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  1. Nice to hear your since of humor coming back out. Its been to long! Thank you so much for my BDay Present. I have worn it all day! I posted a pic on Facebook for you! Love it!!! Stay safe! Thank you for letting us be able to celebrate our 4th of July. Tell your whole compound. I said a very big heart felt THANK YOU!!!! ALL OF YOU STAY SAFE PLEASE!!!