Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, 9 July 2010

So, today is my day off.. and so far it is much better than the last one..
Last night I came home from work, fairly on time, and organized all my
stuff... unpacked and made my little area (about 5x6 ft) into a home for
the next year! :)
I spend most the evening chatting with George on chat.. and loving
getting caught up. I missed my friend and the friendship we shared for
many years.
Then, I went to bed about 1230 or so, and woke up about 9 am this morning!
Yes.. I slept in!!
Now, I am sitting on my bed, on my laptop, watching TV :)
I have my room to myself becuase the one new room mate I have is gone for
the week, and I have yet to get another.. which, I am sure will happen soon.
BUT, until then, I am enjoying the sanctity..

Thank you to Ben for the humongous care package he sent! OMGosh.. and the
DVD sets that he sent.. they are what is keeping me occupied right now!

SO, today, not alot to talk about.. so I am going to Bitch about a few
things here:

(1) the bathrooms.. heads...latrines.. whatever you want to call them..
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and UNSANITARY! All of them except the one in my
building at work. THese cadillac rest rooms with showers are disgusting.

The toilets don't flush - 99% of the time. THe plumbing gets clogged soo
easily that by 9am in the morning the toilets arent working.
There is no ventilation.. so if someone showers and the water is hot.. you
can imagine its like a sauna in there. To make it worse, one of the toilets
leaks from the bottom of the bowl to the floor - which makes the room
smell like a urinal!

The showers are in stalls that have lost the tiles. There is mold growing
on the walls.
To give them some credit, they did fix the leaky pipe that was spraying water
all over the floor.. and..they put a black raised matt down so that we aren't
stepping on the water puddles that are there caused by the showers. THe shower
stalls are about the size of the ship shower stalls - but there is a shower
curtain, and becuase the area is soo small.. you feel like the curtain is
constantly touching you... eeewww...

So - that is the bathrooms.. its a crap shoot on which one you can use.. last night
I had to walk across to the other row of bathrooms becuase this one was
disgustingly clogged with toilet paper that wouldn't flush. To put it bluntly,
if you have to go #2 - you are better off ensuring you do that in the building
bathroom... prior to leaving work. :)

Okay, so that is enough about the bathrooms..

As far as brushing teeth - the water here is NOT drinkable, nor brush your
teethable.. :) Only showerable. :) or flushable.. :)
I miss being able to just walk in to a shower bare foot (vice having to wear
flip flops) and being able to brush my teeth without having to use a bottle of
Could it be worse HELL YES.. I know this. I know I could be in a fox hole
somewhere with no running water at all.. in 140 degree heat, like some of
my fellow service members.. so I am not complaining in the sense that I have
it soo bad here.. I am simply trying to give you a visual of what it is like

Enough for now.. will write more later tonight! :)


  1. well I try to read your blog as often as possible, I support our troops but not the mission. Much the same way my family and friends did back in 1970 when I was in the service in an unpopular war. Last week when I read your blog and was totally moved.

    I think today's blog was written because you had nothing else on your mind. That is good because I think that meant you were having a "pretty lite" day. Even though you are thousands of miles from your family. But to complain about the conditions when others have it much worse. But, in all honesty....I'm happy that you summed it all up in the last paragraph.

    It can be worse for you and I'm glad it's not....Mark

  2. AS I said in my blog, I know it could be much worse. and others have it much worse. I was simply trying to paint the picture of what it is like here. No matter who you are.. you still crave the simple things.. being barefoot.. a toilet that doesnt leak all over the floor, etc.. But again, I recognize and stated as such.. others have it much worse believe me i know. Im sorry if my blog offended you - however, this is this is Kabul Compound thru my eyes.. what I see, feel and think. I will never claim to have it "BAD" but I will discuss some of the things others will not.. simply to paint an accurate picture.. regardless of how good or bad it is here in comparison. THanks for reading my blog and your comment.

  3. Hi Tanya,
    Just read your blog and admit that you have "hooked" me. I have been telling my friends and family about your experiences. Especially, when one of them is extremely stupid on the facts. Right now I can only talk to Joe and ask him "did you read Tanya's postings this week!!" I look forward to your writing and was in tears last weekend during the 4th of July celebration. I could not do what you do....especially with the bathroom conditions. My idea of camping is bringing a Winnebago that has a blender for margaritas among other things! Just now the news reports 6 more service personnel killed, that already makes over 20 this month and it is only July 10th. I want you to know that from afar that your words, thoughts, pain, and yes humor are so appreciated. Please take care and keep writing!! Go Navy :)

  4. Thank you Laura for always reading and commenting! I know I don't comment back every time.. BUT I really do appreciate the fact that you read this. Thank you!