Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 August 2010

I think my brain is on overload..
There is not enough hours in the day for the database I am trying to update/correct...
I took this on, to create a better and more efficient way to track in our office..
buts its turned into a monster and NOW
the higher ups know what I've done and are constantly wanting reports from the database.. NOW NOW NOW and quite honestly.. its not where it needs to be.. but.. what do you tell the 4 star General..except.. "I'm on it, Sir"

Beyond the constant scramble for P4 (Gen Petreaus) Taskers things were slower today in the casualty world.

and I think I am recovering from my mental melt alittle.. this week was hard.. and soo many things here and personally at once.. but.. step by step.. one by one.. doing what I have to do to keep my sanity.. NOT THINK about it.. LOL
okay.. seriously, just dealing with them one by one.. to ease the stress and drama in my life..
Stress I get here.. don't need anymore..

Tomorrow.. I'm sleeping in.. then doing the same thing all over again..
Doesn't it sound exciting?
Need some sleep! Night friends.. more soon..

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  1. Sleeping in sounds great!! Give your brain and soul a chance to rest and mend. We love you and think of you everyday!!!