Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 Sep 2010 - Wednesday

I have been very fortunate in life.
I have overcome many obstacles, accomplished countless goals, and have
had a successful, prosperous career.
Much of this, though, is owed to my family and friends along the way.
Those that were in the time of need,
And those that still remain. I know that without that support, I would
not be where I am today.
So thank you... thank you for all your support, love and encouragement!

My blogs have become more and more scarce due to the groundhog day
affect - that I don't want to impose on them.
It truly is the same thing here, everyday. Same routine, plus or minus
multiple casualty reports.

This week has been a busy week - with a count of upwards of 20 deaths -
this week alone.
Prior to that, it had slowed down quite a bit from the July rush and
influx of injuries and casualties.

I will begin battlefield circulation this month. Next week starts a
whirlwind tour of Afghanistan which will take
me on many travels and adventures throughout the next month.

I guarantee there will plenty to write about for the coming month... LOL

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