Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kandahar Take 2

Have I ever said how much I enjoy Kandahar...?
If I did, I was lying.

I was supposed to leave for Kandahar on the morning of the 21st.  I woke up at 4 am, was at the airport by 545, watched our ride drive away. I decided to go check the schedule, make sure the flight was on time, and discovered that my flint had been remissioned, and the next show time for the next flight wasn't until 1940....

I was not about to stay there 14 hours, so I got ahold of my office, arranged a ride back, and went back and took a nap. I left again, and this time all was well. I boarded my flight to find that it was the same crew that I had flying out the first time. Only this time there was a general inboard, so he got the front seat view. It's ok, thought, as the plane reached cruising altitude, one of the crew brought me a drink and candy bar, letting me know they were sorry I couldn't be upfront with them again... That was pretty nice..  About the only nice thing of my trip lol

I made it in Kandahar about 11 at night, where I was given billeting in e transient female tent... This tent holds about 130 girls, and is not always

My conference went off without a hitch. I provided training for about 30 people, 20 different units down South.. Mission accomplished by about 11 am, and after going to the terminal to see if there were any flights avail that night, I went back to the tent and napped for about 5
It as hot and extremely pungent there. The odor is horrible.

After 5 I hit the boardwalk with SSG Wyatt, ate some ko-bobs, then a flurry and headed back to the tents. Just as we arrived, the incoming rocket siren sounded,  letting us all know to seek shelter...

What surprised me is the complaceny in KAF (Kandahar Airfield) that many have.  95% of the girls stayed in the big tent, that is simply that, a tent covered in stucco... I was astounded, but needless to say I wasn't one of them...

Finally the all clear was given, and I made my way back to the tent, and read and finished my 2nd book, in two days and started #3. flew back to NKC, without incident, and was definitely grateful for where I lived!

If I never have to return to KAF, it will be too soon.


  1. hello tanya,
    catching up on your wonderful postings....some of us of course who only know you from an afghanistan point of view, have to fill in the other parts of the sentences/stories. I hope you and your family are doing well. I appreciate your candor and cry, laugh, smile and cheer!! can you please let me know where I can send the "care" package...yes flip flops are included!!
    very kind regards,

  2. Laura
    Thank you, and I'm sure some of my blogs can be confusing, the emotional energy of relationships in my past....but, I figure it's not too hard to fill in the blanks, and what is, you and I will have drinks together when i get home, actually meet, and maybe I can fill in the blanks! ;) my addy here is
    Tanya Zinn
    APO AE 09356
    Thank you again!