Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th of August

I guess its been almost a week since I have written... its been a little busy - more in my personal life, than in work (fortunately).

This week started the month long holiday of Rammadan, so I am hoping this means that my work will be slow. We'll see.

The kids made it home Tuesday and are doing fine. Its an adjustment for everyone, including my parents, and I think they are starting off just fine. As always, they do adjust and life becomes simple again, as simple as it can be..more routinish.. if that makes sense.

The load on me has slowed down a bit. I am about 95% done with populating the database...
BUT everytime I get done... the Deputy thinks of a new field to add (to track) and then that starts the whole process all over again...

I havent had much time for me lately.. but today I took a me day..
I was supposed to be off.. I did sleep in.. went in for a couple hours this afternoon.. left
and went back for a couple hours this evening.. then left..
so mostly, I have been able to just do what I needed..
I did get some much needed ironing done...(Can't stand wearing wrinkled uniforms..)
and tried to wash the grey out of my hair.. hmm... it was about 95% successful as well.. LOL
stubborn grays..

Anyhow, not much else going on.. trying to wind down..
I am almost 1/4 the way done with my tour.. lol which, in the present, doesn't seem like much,
but in the big picture... it is.. .:)

Trying to get my routine back.. now that I am not swamped.. and can breathe alittle.. need to get back to me time.. gym time and relax time.. hopefully I can push it in my schedule again starting Monday :)

We'll see.. as always.. will keep you posted...
(Sorry.. nothing exciting to report tonight...)


  1. I'm glad that you might get a slow month with that holiday happening. A month long holiday is so long, what is it that they are celebrating?

    Wow, 1/4 of your tour done, how cool is that!? I can't even imagine how you still seems like a long way to go for you I know.. but hopefully that time will fly by and before you know it, you'll be flying home!

    The kids will get settled and everything will be back to normal for them soon. Don't worry. Try not to let that get you down, there's only so much you can do from where you are. Your parents can handle it and your kids are good kids, they just need some time to adjust and get settled.

    Things here are going...well let's just say they're going. Kids are doing good though and business is still in business, so I can't complain. Just finished another bag and put it on Etsy, I think you saw the post. Thank goodness I have that...have you started crocheting again yet? If not you should, it's like therapy...really.

    I love you, will write more in email.

  2. PS - Shouldn't you be watching a scary movie or doing something crazy, it's Friday the 13th!!!! :D