Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Letter to God...

Dear God,

I don't normally write to you, since I often have conversations with you, in which your replies are either thru scripture or undeniable circumstances, only you could be responsible for; however, I watched an inspiring movie last night, which prompts me to write down this conversation to you. Most will see this as a one sided conversation, others will understand that altho it may look as if it is one-sided, it is just like your Footprints in the Sand, and I will never be alone in your love and or presence.

Thank you for the life I have, the life I live and the love I have been able to experience in my short years. Thank you for the journeys and adventures I have experienced, my family and of course, my friends. I have been blessed many times over, and sometimes forgot those blessings came from you. I know, with you, all things happen for a reason, with the BIG picture in mind - and altho I may not understand it, or may feel as if you are not hearing me, you always prove me wrong, and show me that you are ALWAYS here, and always listening.

I thank you for my blessings and the continual guidance you provide, especially when I am in need of it; especially, when I am crying out to you for help. I have learned that with you, just saying your name in my heart, will ease whatever pain may lie within. I have counted on that, and on you moreso in the last year and a half, than ever - I often feel guilty for that, but I know that you understand and know that I, as well as you, altho may not be obviously present in my daily life, are always present in my heart...even when I am not speaking to you as regularly as I should.

I pray in my heart and in my mind and ask that you watch over me, provide me guidance and keep my family safe while I am away. I also ask that in times of confusion, you provide me with some clarity and light the path in which you have laid out for me. In your name I pray, Amen.

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