Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 1 & 2 - Germany

Night 1 - 28 January 2011

Because I was early, my Junior Suite was not ready, so they put me in a temporary single room.. Which, at this point – did not matter. Seriously.. I was soo excited to be here… so exhausted from traveling that I just wanted to get in a room.. (The anal retentive side of me wanted to get in MY room and unpack…) but, I pushed that aside and enjoyed the temporary room. I took my bags to my room (which BTW – one of them alone weighed more than 60 lbs.. and let me tell you.. 60lbs is A LOT when you drop it on your toe (on the train)… Anyhow, I got sidetracked.. I went downstairs to the buffet and had a real meal…and a glass of wine – (which, BTW – did not really get me as buzzed as I thought it would..) got my belly full, then went back to my room.. and took a LONG HOT SHOWER.. with no flip flops on.. in a regular bathroom.. all to myself..

Seriously people.. it is the little things.
I went to bed after my shower and slept til about 7am the next morning!

Day 2 – 29 January 2011
I woke up early.. considering the travels I had just experienced.. but I didn’t want to sleep away my time here..  (Besides.. I can sleep when I’m dead… LOL..) sorry.. probably bad joke.. but you get the point.. “I don’t want to miss a thing!”
I took a wake up shower.. got dressed and then walked the 5 minute walk to the German base to get a few things from the PX.. yes.. because I forgot to tell you that SATO screwed me on my luggage. I was supposed to have authorized 2 bags.. max weight of 50 lbs each.. NO.. when I got to the Kuwait counter.. they told me my itinerary only authorized me 50 lbs TOTAL.. HA!! My ONE bag was 60 lbs (as I eluded to earlier)… so the 2nd bag, which was supposed to be checked.. was not.. and guess what.. yea.. that was my toiletry bag.. uuh huh.. you see where this is going??? Yes.. I was able to get thru Kuwait airport carrying on said bag.. but when I arrived in Frankfort and had to go thru security there, all my toiletries.. (more than $60.00 worth of hair products, lotions, etc.. were thrown out by security).. I wanted to cry.. I had to have all that stuff SENT to me in Afghanistan by because they just don’t sell it there.. so not only did I lose the products and their values.. but just the fact that I had to order it, wait for it to arrive.. and it was good, expensive stuff..LOL)

Sorry.. sidetracked again.. anyhow.. SO – I had no toiletries.. no hair products for my naturally curly hair which gets really frizzy and AFROish if I don’t put some kind of product in it.. so – to the PX I went.
I bought some new stuff.. and probably a few things more than what I really needed.. but.. it felt good to shop in a real store again.. LOL

After my shopping excursion, I walked back to the Resort and checked at the counter to see if my room was ready.. fortunately, it was.. so I packed up my stuff.. and moved rooms..

I spent the rest of the day tooling around the Resort, unpacking, and chilling out in my room..

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