Friday, February 11, 2011

For my Grandmother... and the crappy CONTRACTOR work...


Tanya Zinn

This is on behalf of my Grandmother! To all that read this... Please take the pic's of Kuhn Mechanical Inc. Arkansas City, Kansas, and pass them around so people can see what kind of work they do so they can't do this to anyone else. Now, they are threatening to sue her for slander. If they don't want bad publicity, maybe they should FIX THEIR WORK!! Pass this around, please.

Kuhn Mechanical Inc. Arkansas City, Kansas
Look what this company did to my Mother's bathroom. Leaving gaps for the cold air in the worst storms they've had in 50 yrs. Costing her an extra $1700.00 to fix it. She has a 2 inch gap at the top of the door. They promised her a new shower and a shelf at the end, but never put it in writing...

Tanya Zinn His Email to my Grandma after seeing these posted:

Mell H KuhnFebruary 10, 2011 at 11:06am

Subject: Your bathroom

Marilyn from USDA inspected our work job verifying that we had fulfilled our contract (the plumbing). You have been told many that the people who paid for your new shower (Friends of man, United Way, USDA, Rural Development and KUHN Mechanical Inc [who did this job for cost]) are sending a carpenter to do his part. You are looking a gift horse in the mouth. We will seek damages if you don’t stop these misleading and slanderous accusations.
Mell H KuhnSee

Tanya Zinn My Grandma's Reply: (with some grammatical fixes)

Kuhn, you did not hear what Lonnie told me, he said he would build me shelves at the end of my shower, he did not tell me it would be an unfished job. You knew this job was going to be paid rural development. I begged you to come out and look at how they tore up my bathroom, you said you were not coming to Cedarvile. I said they left big holes in my bathroom floor, you still said you would not come out. I told you Im afraid of snakes coming up through the holes, you said you guarantee if snakes come they wont bite you, your men did $1050.00 in damages to my bathroom, that I have to pay out of my pocket, three carpenters came out to my house, and said, "Have you paid them yet, I should get a lawyer, no one should have tore your bathroom up like that." The bathroom was so cold, I had to put sheets down through the holes that you left in my floor, Lonnie didn't tell me I would have to hire someone to clean up his mess, until he was ready to walk out the door. I said, "I cant live with that mess" he said, "I would have to hire a carpenter to clean up his mess." I have proof of the damage they have done. I mailed you $1030.00 check yesterday. I told you I have to be satisfied with the work that you do, you laughed and said you don't have anything to do with me getting paid. Now go on my facebook and take a LOOK at my shower there are two sets to look at!
Patty Osland
Tanya Zinn: If anyone knows of anyone we can call to help her, that would be great. She is on a fixed income can NOT afford this, as well as trying to find an attorney. Any help would be appreciated, even if it is just sending this on to someone that could help!

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