Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 3, 4 & 5 Germany Trip

Day 3/4 – 30/31 January 2011 Sunday/Monday

George’s Arrival..

I think I woke up very early.. anticipation.. excitement..
For those of you that don’t know, George and I had not spoke in about 3 years (until last summer). We went our separate ways about 4 years ago. Although we had been speaking and getting along great via email and chat throughout the last 9 months or so, I was still unsure how it would feel to have him here.. yet excited, because I know this would be great fun, with him!

He was due to arrive at about 1300, so like any nervous person, I was ready by 10 am.. LOL I went and sat in the lobby.. then down at the front gate.. 1300 came and went, and no sign of George. Now, the bad thing is, his cell phone doesn’t work over here.. so there would have been no way for him to contact me, should something have gone wrong, short of a TMOBILE phone at the airport which charges $42.00 per minute.. yes.. $42. That is not a typo.

So – I sit at the front gate, for about an hour.. and then decide to come back to the room, after letting the gate know to call me when he arrives..
Fortunately, it was within an hour or so, when I received the call and COULD NOT get to the gate fast enough.. as I was walking down and saw him there.. he was just as I had remember (only a little grayer..LOL)

All feelings of anxiousness and uneasiness disappeared and we picked up, just where we left off.. as if no time had passed.

I got him back here to the Resort, we got him settled in, and then went down for dinner. He had a pretty long day of travels.. and train debacles.. I told you – it is confusing until you get used to it.. LOL). He fell asleep pretty early.. and slept most of the next day.. which was fine, because there was nothing going on the next day – no tours planned.. as I figured he may be jet lagged..
It was good.. he slept most of Monday and then it gave us time to talk, clear the air, deal with the emotional baggage we had both carried with us for the last 4 years.. it was a very emotional evening, but a much needed, and rewarding one, at that.

Monday Night we got a phone call saying that the tour we had booked for the following day was cancelled.. so we did some research and decided to set out on our own.. risk the trains.. and find the castle ourselves… Yet, another adventure..

Day 5 – 1 February 2011 / Tuesday

Linderhof Castle on our own

So, we figured out how to get to the Castle.. we think.. so we headed out of the Resort, caught a taxi to the train station and then checked out the bus schedule. We had to take a couple busses, but, fortunately, with little confusion, we made it to the castle. It was definitely an adventure, but exciting as well. We toured Linderhof Castle. The Castle was beautiful inside, a little gaudy in some rooms, but honestly, pics were not allowed to be taken inside.. I just happen to click a few off, inadvertently…

After the tour we sat and drank some Coffee with Baileys at their little Café, before heading back to the bus stop and catching a bus back. We were going to explore a little in the town, but we were cautious – as the sun was going down, and we didn’t want to be stranded in an unfamiliar location. Not understanding the bus schedule didn’t help. We were fortunate that all our busses arrived and departed within minutes of each other and we made it back to the Garmisch Train station safely. There is a little Cantina located there, so we decided to eat some Mexican food..

I know.. I know.. go all the way to Germany to get Mexican?? Okay.. give me a break.. I haven’t had real Mexican food in 9 months.. (and this was no where close to what I was craving, ultimately). One thing we have discovered is that Germany is VERY DOG friendly. Their dogs are allowed to go EVERYWHERE with you.. including restaurants. Yes.. they are even in the restaurants. Pretty neat.

After dinner, we made our way back to the resort to collapse from the long day. The following day we were scheduled to go to Walt Disney’s Castle..

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