Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Worthy of Posting to my Blog...

I met someone special...

I met someone special. A nice, older man. Beautiful.  Wise.  One my mother always spoke of, one I always hoped I'd meet. He is wise beyond my years, makes me feel special, talks to me daily, never leaves me feeling lonely, and always listens. Gives me guidance when I ask, yet backs off enough, to let me make my own discoveries, and yes, even make my own mistakes. When I'm sad, he wraps his arms around me, and fills my heart with joy.  When I'm happy, he's happy with me, joyous, and even celebrates with me in my successes. He pushes me to my limits, tests my patience, but is always, always there to pick me up and carry me, in times when I just need extra support. His name is GOD. 

1/11/2011 - Tanya Zinn

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