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18 Jan 11 - Moms will always know....

18 Jan 11

So, I just got off the phone with my mom again...
This time we spent a little over an hour..again on the phone.
It makes me homesick...
I miss her..I miss my parents...the kids...
I miss a normal daily routine life, that does not include carrying a 9mm everywhere I go,
That does not include, wondering the same confines of this compound, or others like it..
I miss seeing
I know..that sounds extremely corny..but it's true.
What we see here is like being on the ship...where you only see shades of gray..
Atleast on a ship, about once a month you get a taste of civilization..
Here, we don't get that, no matter where you travel to in this country, it's the same
Desolate, underprivileged, clay block homes, that probably do not have electricity, and do not have running water..
Ha! And I wonder why my 3G doesn't work
Global, doesn't really mean global guys...just so you
It means...anywhere in the world that actually has electricity, running water, indoor bathrooms, and lines, Internet connectivity that is not based on
Remember the old AOL dialup..the
That's what this reminds me of...
I think ours is actually wireless here..ok .. It is...on our compound..
But definitely not a big wireless network..and one I'm sure the military paid a great deal to have..
We..on the other hand..are soo spoiled at home.. You would laugh at this connectivity and roll harder when you hear it was costing $70 a
But hey!!! Its better than nothing..
I can not imagine doing this 20 years ago, when there was only Snail Mail..
Could you? has come so far..going backwards is so strange..
Anyhow, I am on the countdown to Germany..followed by Boston... And really truly..can not wait..
I am definitely getting short timers as well..
I have revamped the way we do our business in my much so that I worked myself out of a job..
My MSgt as well as the rest of the crew have it down...and do not let me do any of the work..
I am lucky to be able to answer an email here or there..a d since I am not traveling right literally bored out of my mind, and feel useless..
It's driving me crazy!!!
I have always been a busy that I mean...I have to stay busy..come on nice..
I like to be busy, I feel like I am not wasting time that way..
So now, I am spending a lot more time in the gym... A lot more time...
I weighed in yesterday and am pleased to say I have lost 17 lbs since being here...
My goal was about 25, but I am feeling quite comfortable in my skin right now and that is always a good thing for someone like me
Who spent many many years insecure..
I have been running more than 100 plus miles a month...
I'm sure that is helping! I participate in al.l the holiday 5Ks we have as well..
Y'know..building that whole comradery thing...;)
Yes.. It actually works.. It's nice..
I am making a couple more visits to do some training for Another unit...but they are just across the street, so it's no
Big traveling..especially not this close to me leaving for Germany soon..
I have been talking with Geo a lot lately...and fortunately for him, the job offers have been roling in this month..
He will meet me in Germany for a week or so...and have a little vacation time for himself..
It will be good...
I have been emailing my relief, rather frequently, already, getting him prepped for his trip here..I can not wait!!!
It's more exciting, the thought of leaving, when you know you're relief will be here in a few months..
We are definitely on the, my mom is making preps to the house,
Ensuring it's ready and setup for us all once I get home..
I can't wait!!
Don't get me wrong...ok..I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour..and will still the last few months here..BUT
There is no place like home... And that's a fact!!
The good thing is knowing I have 4 months left...but a month of it will be spent between Germany, Boston and traveling back to theater..
Not bad... Not bad...
Now, I just have to contain my excitement long enough to not make the time pass any slower than I feel like it is..
Since it feels like the first 8 months flew by...
I want these last 4 to be the same...
Will try to limit my count down to double digits...;)
Because by the time I get back from Boston.. That's where I will be!!! Double digits baby!!!
Okay...better go for now...
That's in Afghanistan...for now..
More later...

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