Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updates: 13-15 March

13 March 2011


After some long days and lack of sleep, I have been taking the Melatonin.  Tonight, for whatever reason, I had the urge to read… of all books, my bible . Yes, I flipped through my bible, until something stopped me, anything, a sign that  I was in the right place to read.. I spent about an hour reading a story – and then flipped thru one last time, to find some encouraging words..

I stopped at John 14: 1-4.  After bookmarking that page, I laid my head down and slept quite sound.


14 March 2011

Kandahar… again… again…


So, off to train yet another unit, in Kandahar.  I left for Kandahar, on what was probably one of the smoothest travel times.  I arrived in Kandahar and was put in the MOD berthing, which is far better than the tents!!! The Benefit – INDOOR PLUMBING!!


                It wasn't until after I arrived that I found out the water was out.. LOL of course.. J

Not only did I discover there was no water, I was informed by all the residents that there have been an influx of rapes lately, and reminded to lock my door, even when I walk down the hall to the bathroom. Nice..


I spent that day, after arriving, chilling out in my room and watching movies.  I wasn't due to go train until the following morning around 1100.  So I walked to the Boardwalk (across the street) and had some New York Style Pizza.. and then headed back to my room.


                Because I wasn't due to start until later in the morning, I did not take my Melatonin for the evening and stayed up until about 3 am watching movies.



15 March 2011


Training Day


I woke up about 9, and fortunately, by then, the water was back on.  I made it over to JSC-A/USFOR-A South building by about 10am.  I conducted the training, and was finished by about 1430. 


I walked back to the Boardwalk, picked up some more movies, and then headed back to my room for another movie night – solo. J


I watched LIE TO ME – Season 3.  At about 2300 last night, I heard jets over head, at what seemed an impossible low, and close vicinity.  I mean, so loud, it was a little freaky.  Just at that moment, I heard a big bang, crash, in my room.. Now, already freaked out at the low vicinity of the aircraft; this bang, in the darkness of my room, scared me.  I wasn't sure (since it was dark) what it was, or if it were someone trying to break in to my room, but I will tell you, my heart leapt out of my throat and I spent about 30 minutes adrenaline still pumping, trying to calm my nerves.


Fortunately, throughout the night, in between movies, I was reading, once again, the bible.  This time, I found a military edition, small enough to fit in my pocket.  I started reading LUKE; from the beginning, and the funny thing is, this chapter in the scripture, has reeled me in and I have not been able to put it down, during my free time.  I will say, that reading my bible, even if only for about 10 minutes a night, definitely puts my mind a little more at ease, before I sleep. 


Anyhow, fortunately, everything was okay last night; I stayed up til about 330am, watching the last of the Lie to Me,  and then woke up at 0630 to get ready for my flight this morning.

The flight went smooth, and my trip back to NKC was fortunately smooth, as well.  So, here I am – back at NKC for another 51 days.









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