Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nickelback causing random thoughts...

Nickelback.....There's gotta be someone for me out there...
The one question, those of us at are single, for the umpteenth time, after thinking we had "it"
Only to discover we didn't, and now are left wondering...
If there's someone out there for me..

I find myself asking the question, more often than I care to admit..
I know, in time, everyone always says..the right one will come along..the sad part is,
I feel as if my life is already half over... I am missing out on sharing my experiences now..
Experiences that I will never get to redo, those memories i can never get back

I am a single mom of 3 teenage children, 35 years old, and about to retire from my first career..
My whole life I spent believing I would find mr right...whoever that is..and have family, a career and live happily ever
Okay okay so I know... That's the fairy tale version..
I heard funny line night in a was
Stories with happy endings, are stories that haven't finished.
I know that is not always true...
But sometimes I feel it applies to me..
I haven't been able to get it right, and for me, as I approach my 40s....yes I said it, my 40s...
I feel a sense of urgency..almost like that of a woman who hasn't yet had kids..and feels that
I have had kids...and will have no it's a little different I know..
But I yearn to have that special someone to share things with.. To share life plan a future with...

Iot seems each time I thought I had it....every time I thought this was it, life proved me wrong..set me straight
And now here I am..

I truly feel like I am definitely a restless soul.... Yearning for the other complete the puzzle, to reveal the picture...

Sometimes, I just put the thoughts out of my mind, call myself a silly girl...and tell myself to get over it..but who am I kidding..
We all ..ok most of us, long to have someone to share life wiith, to share joy with....we are human beings...

I have spent the last month reading some very spiritually fulfilling books, doing some soul searching, and ultimately, I know I am ok alone
I have proven to myself that I can survive...but I definitely prefer to have someone to share in this life with...

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