Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kandahar - take 3

Kandahar take 3

So this was my third trip to kandahar in the last month..
Except today, was much different.
We had our own puddle jumper..special ops plane and was able to fly out this rning and return this evening...
Which is good for those of you that know how much I hate Kandahar...
Today was the monthly conference, where we..the to e South to give some gouge, reminders, and discuss recurring issues..

We left nkc at 0700 this morning... Arrive in KAF about 11, had several hours to kill so we went to TGIFridays for lunch..
Still not impressive... Really...nothing to write home I I'll shut up..
Afterwards we stopped ( since it was on the boardwalk) the orange julius place, which usually has ice cream like dairy queen..
Usaully is the key word.. was disgusting..nuff said

I am now on the plane back to nkc...we are running a little later than planned so we are stopping at the pizza hut at the airport and grabbing somme good fast food..their pizza hut tastes like the one in the states...the one good fast food here in this region...

Tomorrow I knead to kcamp julienne for some COIN training..
I will explain it all once I get back.. But needless to say there are some tours involved, great photo ops, and new sites..

This week has been pretty rough on me..
I was seriously sick...down hard...still worked daily, but some days I would leave hours to down some nyquil and try to sleep..and some days I would keep in an extra couple hours, due to the nyquil the night before..but it has been a sinus infection turned in to a cough that I cant seem to kick.. Been sick for a week now...hoping I am on the mend.. Will keep you posted...would be nice to not cough every 5 minutes and not constantly feel like my head is going to explode from the pressure (which, btw, being on this plane....does not help....)

Ok, there's the update until next week..more after COIN..

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